Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

DRAMAtical Murder Paintings

today i have to paintings for you not in one as a set :) from game Dramatical Murder (visual novel).
its from  japan catogrie as Yaoi and it 18+ ... the game i mean ! the pics are totaly ok i think and
and i love them, didnt know where they blong to so i look for it and found it under Yaoi .. so i but it here just as a info . pics are found @

heute habe ich zwei bilder für euch aus einem spiel (visual novel) , konnte es erst nicht zu ordnen also hab ich mal danach gesuch und dachte mir die info stell ich lieber dabei weil vieleicht  jemand nach dem spiel such usw. es ist ein japanisch spiel und wird als Yaoi 18+  geführt . die bilder mit denen ich das set gemacht habe find ich jetzt sehr harmlos aber für die die das spiel suchen ist das hier eine wichtige info bilder von zero chan link oben . danke :)

Download here (:o):

 mesh found on original from simcontrole....

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. Oh i wish i could play that game, currently playing Catherine on my PlayStation 3 and loving the puzzle and story element. Nice posters.

  2. Antworten
    1. i wish i coud to ... but i have probs to change the languae to japan... :( ... but i still love all the pics from him:) ♥ ...
      i dont know catherin is it a good one?

    2. Yes here's a link.

      It's basically a puzzle and story game, in between playing the game you watch Vincent life, he's the main character. He is mostly in the bar with his friends and you can control him and how many drinks he has affects how well he will play the puzzled. It's really good.

    3. thank you for the info i will try it :)